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CLASSIC Square Columns w/ 4x4 Post 

Classic Beauty Shot pic (003).jpg

Stock Sizes

  8" x 10' w/ 4x4 Post

10" x 10' w/ 4x4 Post

12" x 10' w/ 4x4 Post

Clean simple lines embody the natural

beauty of Classic Columns from

Column Crafters.

Traditional beading and trim enhance the clean and sophisticated lines of these columns and many styles of railing and balustrade options.

Classic Columns come in four standard widths to suit many applications and architectural requirements. Front porches, porticoes, and interior living spaces will radiate luxury living at its best.

Our 10' Classic Columns can be trimmed for all applications between 8' and 10'.

All Classic Columns are shipped with a 4x4 Post and will support 4500#.


Craftsman Beauty Shot.jpg

Stock Sizes

6" x 10" x 60" No 4x4 Post

6" x 10" x 72" No 4x4 Post

8" x 12" x 60" No 4x4 Post

8" x 12" x 72" No 4x4 Post

Tapered Craftsman Wrap Columns are designed to be installed around an existing load-bearing post and over a brick or rock pedestal.

Available in various standard heights, these columns are designed to compliment a wide array of applications and architectural styles.

These are also available with 4x4 posts installed for use as stand-alone columns.
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