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Phoenix Collection

    Fiberglass Columns by 

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The Greeks and Romans of Antiquity 

established the orders of architecture

that are still followed today. In its Fiberglass Column products, AFCO maintains that Classical aesthetic but simply updated the materials.

AFCO Fiberglass Columns are not only beautiful the day they're installed but equally stunning for years to come. Unlike wood columns, these columns are resistant to insect damage. And because they don't absorb moisture, AFCO Fiberglass Columns will never split, crack, or twist like wood, which helps lengthen the life of your paint finish in exterior installations. 

Available in a wide variety of Round and Square sizes and styles, these columns are perfect for interior or exterior installations.

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Our columns are available in the plan types shown. Round and square column shafts, capitals, and bases cut to meet special intallation requirements. 

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