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Phoenix Collection

Pocket Door Frames by  


   Stock Sizes

            2/0x6/8             2/0x8/0    

            2/4x6/8             2/4x8/0

            2/6x6/8             2/6x8/0

            2/8x6/8             2/8x8/0

            3/0x6/8             3/0x8/0

Knock Down Pocket Frames

   For 1-1/8" to 1-3/8" thick doors

   200 Lb. Ball Bearing Hardware Standard

   3/0 Universal Size allows you to cut to size

   Heavy Guage Steel Stiffeners

   Rough Opening Width = Door Width x 2 Plus 1"

   Rough Opening Width = Door Height Plus 4-1/2"

A&F KD Beauty Shot.png

Soft Close Kit for

Built Up and KD Frames

(Optional - Can Be Added

After Installation)

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