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Phoenix Collection

Steel Doors

by RSL, Inc.

Phoenix Millwork is proud to distribute the N300 Series Steel Door by RSL Inc, a division of NovaTech.

These doors add beauty, durability, and value to your home at an exceptional price!

N300 Collection

  24 GA Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Skin​

  • 8.33% Thicker than 26 GA Skins on Competitors' Doors

  • Prevents Skin from Detaching from Foam Core

  • Prevents Telegraphing of Stiles and Rails

  • Helps Prevents Dents and Scratches

  • Provides Long-Lasting Resistance to Rust

  J-Bend Roll Formed Steel Edge on Stiles 

  HCFC free Polyurethane Foam Insulation 

  • Superior Delamination Resistance

  • Ensures that Door Panels are Squared and Exact Size 

  • Impressive Thermal Performance

  • Provides Dent and Delamination Resistance

  • U-Value 0.076 or R-Value 13.1

  1-3/16" Wood Stiles

  • Widest Stile in the Industry for Extra Stability

  • 2 Coats of Paint

  12" Pine Lock Block

  • Allows Door to Receive Wide Variety of Hardware Styles

  • Prevents Telegraphing

  Bore Prep

  • Steel is Crimped Inward to Provide a Clean, Crisp Bore

    Composite Bottom Rail

  • Prevents Rotting


  • 5-Years on Primer Finish

  • 5-Years on Manufacturing Defects

Steel Door Bore.jpg

Bore Prep

Crimped Inward 

6-Panel Door.jpg

J-Bend of 

Skin Into Stile

1-3/16" Stile

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