Phoenix Collection

  Hollow Metal Balusters

At Left: Plain Satin Black Balusters,

            4091 Newels, 6010 Handrail, 

            Oak Landing Tread, Red Oak Treads

At Right: Sgl Twist and Sgl Basket Balusters,

              FP4093 Newels, 6010 Handrail, 

              Red Oak Treads

At Left:   Sgl and Dbl Knuckle Balusters,

              4063 Newels, 6010 White OakHandrail,

              7030 and 7035 White Oak Volutes, 

              White Oak Treads

1/2" x 44"Hollow Metal Balusters

Satin Black - Stock

Oil Rubbed Bronze Special Order

Oil Rubbed Copper Special Order 


Single Twist

Double Twist

Single Basket

Double Basket

Flat Shoe

Rake Shoe

Adjustable Knuckle

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