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    Roughsawn Square Fiberglass              Columns by 

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Advantages of Roughsawn

over Cedar Posts

Cedar porch columns are beautiful to look at, but they don't have the durability or long lifespan of our ROUGHSAWN COLUMNS. These columns were designed to provide the desired look of cedar columns with the characteristics that have made fiberglass columns the preferred choice of architects, builders, and homeowners in America.

One of the primary advantages of PermaCast Roughsawn columns is their durability.
PermaCast roughSawn columns are incredibly strong, with a 
higher strenght-to-weight ratio than cedar. This means they can support  heavy loads without buckling or breaking. They are also highly resistant to impact.
Fire and Insect Resistant-
PermaCast RoughSawn columns are a safer choice than real cedar post. In a fire, they won't contribute to the spread of flame or smoke, reducing the risk to property damage or personal injury. They're also resistant to insect damage.
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Permacast Roughsawn  Sturctural Columns 
HB&G's latest innovation in structural spun cast columns is the RoughSawn column. Available in
square or Craftsman-style porch columns, these columns have all the beauty of cedar posts without the headaches of real wood columns or posts.

Our RoughSawn columns are designed to mimic the look of rough-cut cedar porch posts and will not check, twist, split,  or rot. They're low maintenance, weather and insect proof, and they come with a Limiited Lifetime Warranty.  RoughSawn columns give your rustic or farmhouse style design a durabale, low-maintenance finish.
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Stock Sizes
8" x 8" x 8' / 10,000# Load Capacity
8" x 8" x 10' / 10,000# Load Capacity
10" x 10" x 8' / 14,000# Load Capacity
10" x 10" x 10' / 14,000# Load Capacity

Trim Kits
Sold Seperately
Trim Kits
4" and 6"
Trim kits are packed 4 ea 15" pcs per box.
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