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Phoenix Collection

Rough Opening Sizes

Unit Size / Rough Opening

2/6x6/8 Single       32-1/2"x83"

2/8x6/8 Single       34-1/2"x83"

3/0x6/8 Single       38-1/2"x83"

5/0x6/8 Double      63"x83"

5/0x6/8 Patio         64-1/2"x83"

5/4x6/8 Double      67"x83"

5/4x6/8 Patio         68-1/2"x83

6/0x6/8 Double      75"x83"

6/0x6/8 Patio         76-1/2"x83"

1/0x3/0x1/0x6/8  65-1/2" x 83"

8/0 Heights              99-1/2" Height

12" Transom - Add 14" to RO Height

24" Transom - Add 26" to RO Height

rough opening.jpg
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