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Phoenix Collection

    Pro-Cast Round Fiberglass                Columns by 

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Drawing from the original styles of ancient Roman architecture, AFCO Round columns will provide your home with the same classic aesthetic.

Round Pro-Cast columns are centrifugally cast using a Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer and are available in Smooth or Fluted, Tapered or Non-Tapered.

For dramatic foyers and open floor spaces, Pro-Cast columns are perfectly suited for interior use as well as exterior applications.


Fully structural with load-bearing capacity of tens of thousands of pounds, they also meet NFPA Class A requirements for flame-spread and smoke development indexing. 

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                 Size          Lengths

                 6"             8'

                 8"             8', 9', 10'

                 10"           8', 9', 10', 12'

                 12"           10', 12'


                 Size          Lengths

                 8"             8', 10'           


AFCO CR LOGO (002).png
round fluted.jpg

Much like the large  stone columns in the great halls of Ancient Europe, AFCO'S

Pro-Fusion columns provide the same architectural aesthetic at a fraction of the weight.

These columns are the ideal solution for large format sizes due to their ultra-light

weight and impact resistance. 

Available in Round Smooth Tapered, Round Smooth Non-Tapered, and Round Fluted Tapered, these columns are ideal for interior or exterior installations.

Their deep level of architectural expression makes them an ideal choice for custom home or commercial projects.

Factory primed, they're ready for painting your desired color as soon as they're installed.

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