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Phoenix Collection

Mahogany Doors

4 Lite Segment Dbl.jpg

Double 4-Lite Segment Top

5/0x8/0, 5/4x8/0, 6/0x8/0


Double 6-Lite Segment Top

5/0x8/0, 5/4x8/0, 6/0x8/0


Single 6-Lite Segment Top

3/0x8/0 x 1-3/4"

3/6x8/0 x 2-1/4"

6 Panel.jpg

Single 6-Panel


Seg 6Lite Beauty Shot.jpg

Why Mahogany?

 Nothing makes a statement about your home like a beautiful entryway. Mahogany is a beautiful, dense hardwood with a straight grain that is easy to finish in a wide variety of colors. Naturally resistant to insects and decay, your door will last for generations if maintained properly. It's also 400X more energy efficient than steel or aluminum. Raised moldings create shadow lines which add depth and mass.

 A wide selection of styles, from Segment Heads to Square Tops to Craftsman, is available to match any home's architecture and decor.

 With it's curbside appeal, beauty, and  durability, it's no wonder that Mahogany is the natural choice for so many of today's homeowners! 

Double 6-Lite Segment Top

New Item !

6 lite craftsman.jpg

Single 6-Lite Craftsman

3/0x6/8, 3/0x8/0

Craftsman 6LT Shelf.jpg

6-Lite Craftsman w/ Shelf

3/0x6/8, 3/0x8/0

4-LT Sq Top (003).jpg

Single 4-Lite Square Top

2/6x6/8, 2/8x6/8, 3/0x6/8

2/6x8/0, 2/8x8/0, 3/0x8/0

8lite Sgl.jpg

Single 6-Lite Square Top

2/6x6/8, 2/8x6/8, 3/0x6/8

2/6x8/0, 2/8x8/0, 3/0x8/0

6 lite craftsman w sidelites.png

6-Lite Craftsman w/ 1/0 Sidelites

3/0x6/8, 3/0x8/0


Double 6-Lite Square Top

5/0x6/8, 5/4x6/8, 6/0x6/8

5/0x8/0, 5/4x8/0, 6/0x8/0

6Lt 103010.png

6-Lite w/ 1/0 Sidelites

3/0x6/8, 3/0x8/0


6-Lite w/ Sidelites, Rect Transom

3/0x6/8, 3/0x8/0


6-Lite w/ Sidelites, Half Round



Single 8-Lite Square Top

2/8x8/0, 3/0x8/0

8lite double.jpg

Double 8-Lite Square Top

5/4x8/0, 6/0x8/0


8-Lite w/ Sidelites, Segment Transom

3/0x6/8, 3/0x8/0

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